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Grace Hopper 2016: A Celebration for Women in Computing

Lessons from the 2016 Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing in Houston, Texas.

7 Things Enterprises Don’t Want to Hear About An AI-Native Future

An AI-Native Future

Something very exciting lies beyond cloud-native and mobile-native, and that is AI-native. Whether you are an industry giant or an emerging startup, now is the time to embrace AI-native and begin defining your future.

Introducing The Originate Library

We are excited to publish years of Originate's best practices around our culture, product strategy, design, engineering, and quality management!

6 Ways Product Managers Can Address Technical Debt

How Do Entrepreneurs Decide What To Do Every Day?

Releasing Git Town

Git Town is an open source command-line tool that helps keep software development productive as project and team sizes scale.

20% Time Done Right

Some companies give you 20% time and keep your work for themselves. Originate does it differently...

Why We Prototype

Over the course of my career, I have learned that the most critical ingredient to success in any software development project is clear communication across all team members and stakeholders. It is also extremely difficult. Why?

We Have Partners, Not Clients

The only time you’ll hear the word “client” at Originate is when we’re talking about code. That’s because at Originate we exclusively have partners, not clients. We believe that creating innovative software products requires a fundamentally different approach.

Beginner’s Mind