We create value through bold strategy, world class engineering, and the principles of good design.

Digital Products & New Ventures

Accelerate the concept-to-launch of digital products and new digital ventures. 

National Geographic

When NatGeo decided to package up their immersive storytelling, award-winning photography, and captivating videos into a unified mobile experience they came to Originate for help.

With expected users reaching millions, the biggest risk was figuring out how to reliably deliver their diverse and data-intensive media offerings at scale.

Our team’s expertise in backend infrastructure allowed us to build a platform able to handle the expected traffic, and native iOS & Android apps to be used as easy-to-navigate hubs for their rich content.

After raising $1B+ in funding Fair had a clear business objective to build and release their first Android app in three months.

Originate partnered with their c-suite to de-risk the new initiative and build like a startup to get to market quickly — we delivered in six weeks.

At Originate, engineering is a fundamental part of our process ensuring that we’re able to deliver forward-driven results iteratively, regularly, and methodically.

Ware2Go & BCG Digital Ventures

UPS came to us to build their first digital product – a turnkey B2B fulfillment platform to work as an integrated solution for storage, packing, and shipping services.

By addressing the biggest risks head-on, Originate’s process worked to bring business value and validate product-market fit quickly and effectively.

We tackled UPS’s challenges with a solution now know as Ware2Go. We developed an MVP with scalability to host hundreds of warehouses and thousands of merchants.

AI & Machine Learning

Unlock the potential of AI and Machine Learning to leverage your data to drive better business decisions.

Data Scientist

Boston Consulting Group

BCG came to Originate with the distinct goal of improving the efficiency of their data scientists.

We mapped out a plan for a platform that would allow their team to build and run production-ready machine learning models at scale.

Within four weeks we got to a proof-of-concept build with subsequent stakeholder buy-in. Our five month MVP build, brought their data science team a reduction in time to deploy models and a reduction in boiler plate activities ultimately leading to operational efficiency.

Healthcare Providers with Patient

McKinsey & Company

As a premier consulting firm, McKinsey knew to look to an experienced, design-thinking digital partner for a concept-to-launch initiative.

With the objective of helping healthcare providers maximize insurance payouts through comprehensive data, Originate prototyped a healthcare analytics platform.

The dashboard gave providers a way to determine their largest sources of lost revenue, and the drill-down data view helped them understand the causes of claim denials.

Woman Holding Coffee and Looking at Mobile Device

Undisclosed Client

A fortune 500 food & beverage corporation wanted to increase the engagement and retention of their loyalty program, they came to Originate to ensure that the proposed solution would be capable of handling the expected transaction volume.

Within the first three months of this partnership, we built a customized recommendation engine capable of processing >10k transactions per second, as well as a data pipeline to monetize their customer loyalty program.

We future-proofed to ensure scalability that would serve millions of users and process billions of transactions in real time.

Emerging Technology Adoption

Implement emerging technologies to explore future strategic and product possibilities, like artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, and augmented reality.

Blockchain Technology Man Reaching Out


Prudential’s new ventures arm was interested in exploring the potential of blockchain technology in the insurance sector.

Using their domain expertise, extensive research into industry trends, design-thinking explorations, and our knack for identifying actionable opportunities we were able to validate product-market fit and prototype an Ethereum-based peer-2-peer (P2P) unemployment solution.

After a successful prototyping phase, Originate led coaching seminars and held lectures for Prudential team members to be able to enact design-thinking principles at hand-off.

Fleet Tracking in Digital Town


For their first digital product this Fortune 500 engine manufacturer partnered with Originate to develop a cutting-edge fleet tracking and management platform.

We designed and built a scalable prototype able to ingest data from connected devices to enable streamlined reporting and diagnostics.

The new platform provided actionable, real-time insights to reduce fleet downtime, improve utilization, and lower the total cost of ownership.

Blockchain Technology Model


As a leading provider of enterprise blockchain technology, Axoni, wanted to bring efficiency to their product offering and business. Specifically, they wanted guidance in creating a language for writing Ethereum-compatible smart contracts.

Originate embedded into Axoni’s team to identify core language design issues and drove a development plan to evolve the language design. A new coding language which checks for faults in smart contracts before deployment was successfully launched.

Throughout the engagement, Originate trained the Axoni team on software engineering best practices, such as test-driven development, continuous integration, and agile methodologies.

Concept Validation & Definition

Frame a problem, identify an opportunity, and validate an idea in a matter of weeks.

Aerial Shot of Blue Ocean


Goop’s legacy travel app had accumulated technical debt, felt misaligned with their brand from a user experience standpoint, and was unable to support a new feature request that would drive revenue through in-app sponsorship.

To deliver on Goop’s objectives, Originate fully automated their hosting infrastructure and streamlined the deployment process, allowing us to overcome legacy technology to build a new technical framework that supported the new feature.

While we always strive to go to market quickly, we never sacrifice quality for speed – using short cycles and regular feedback, we got from build to launch in 60 days.

Innovation Studio with People

Undisclosed Client

As an organization with a mindset for growth, the client wanted to innovate on new digital products. They recognized their limitations as an enterprise organization and knew to look to a partner to coach them on running innovation labs.

Originate assembled a team of product specialists to run workshops and provide coaching in agile methodologies, design-thinking, and test-driven development to internal teams and executive stakeholders.

This engagement helped their newly founded innovation arm successfully implement lean strategy and agile design and development principles to iterate on next-generation fintech.

Stock Exchange Values

Deutsche Borse Group

When one of Europe’s largest stock exchanges wanted to become a rapid innovation engine, they knew they had to rethink their product design and development practices.

Originate partnered with the C-Suite to design and implement innovation-at-scale. We created a product development lab within their organization to rapidly build production-grade software products with modern tech stacks, utilizing agile methodologies.

We led their innovation lab through the launch of multiple products, including an API ecosystem and a cloud trade data repository.

Transformation Enablement

Breathe new life into organizations in need of transformation and create and/or accelerate digital advantages for legacy brands.

XO Group - Paper Wedding Invites

XO Group

XO Group knew that to remain competitive in the wedding planning services space they needed to offer online registries to users.

Through user research, competitor analysis, and workshops we surfaced insights that allowed us to rapidly ideate, architect, and prototype until we got to a solution and roadmap all stakeholders were excited by.

Without sacrificing quality, we found the right balance between business objectives and the value to the end user. We built and launched their e-commerce registry in four months.

Cricket Media - Child Learning from Book

Cricket Media

Award-winning global children’s educational media company, Cricket Media, was looking to broaden their digital footprint and increase user engagement.They contacted Originate to modernize their product experience.

Our team quickly validated concepts to deliver solutions that generated confidence in stakeholders. We crafted an intuitive product experience and rebuilt their eMentoring product from the ground up with a new brand identity, crisp visual design, and a scalable web platform.

As a result, Cricket Media saw a two-fold increase in corporate sponsorships and was able to support over one million users.

University students in classroom

Brown University

Brown University needed a better way to connect community members, including students and alumni, to the university and one another.

Our expertise in vision-setting cleared a path for tackling the specific challenges of building a communication hub. Driven by personalization and content prioritization, the university’s new platform delivered relevant and timely updates.

The first release of the digital community came at 60 days in to the project, and the return on investment was quickly evidenced by a significant increase in engagement.

Research & Development

Working internally, we never stop looking forward. We invest time and resources to research and develop new solutions, embracing new technologies and solving complex challenges.

Digital Currency

Cryptocurrency, Tokens & Blockchain

Woman Using Smartwatch

Digital Therapeutics, Well-Tech & Health-Tech

Control Touchpad Outside Room

Autonomous Stores, Vehicles & Smart Environment

Woman Working on Laptop Outdoors

Remote Working Experience

Man Working on Laptop in Server Room

XaaS Transformation

Data Reflected on Glasses

Human Augmentation

(AI, AR/VR, IoT)

Working internally, we never stop looking forward. We invest time and resources to research and develop new solutions, embracing new technologies and solving complex challenges.

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