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Women in Tech: Jo Graham

Technology is one of the most important and rapidly changing industries globally. However, even with growth initiatives, it remains heavily male-dominated. To celebrate 2022 Women's History Month (and beyond), Originate has decided to showcase a few of these amazing women — trailblazers — who have taken the tech world ...

by Victoria Weber

Private Equity Using Tech to Fuel Next-Level Portfolio Value Creation

To create the most value for their investors, private equity firms need to identify and act on opportunities quickly. Using a combination of financial and operational resources, PE firms can help their portfolio companies reach new heights. This article will discuss how private equity firms can fuel next-level portfoli ...

by Randy Hamilton

The Evolution of Healthcare Into a Consumer-Driven Industry

When it comes to healthcare, the days of one provider fits all have ended. The pandemic has quickly accelerated the "completion" of healthcare: patients increasingly behave more like consumers in their healthcare relationships. And healthcare is increasingly focusing on patients who act more like consumers and customer ...

by Delaney Sheppard

Riding the Wave of Automation

As automation becomes more and more pervasive in our lives, many wonder what the future of work holds. Some people are concerned that automation will lead to mass unemployment, while others see it as an opportunity for increased efficiency and productivity. This article will explore the benefits of automation and discu ...

by Michael Judd

The Advantages of Intelligent Automation in Healthcare

Intelligent automation is quickly becoming a staple in many industries, including healthcare. Workflows and patient care in the healthcare industry can be improved and optimized with intelligent automation. However, many healthcare professionals have never heard of intelligent automation or understand how to use it in ...

by Delaney Sheppard

How Retailers Can Compete (and Win!) in 2022

The retail sector is undergoing radical changes driven by consumer preferences and technological innovation. As we know all too well, many consumer shopping changes have been prompted by events transpiring over the past couple of years.

by Jonathan Judd

The Role of Automation & AI in Retail

When consumers are consistently looking for personalized products and services in the digital age, AI-powered retail solutions allow retailers to align their offerings with customer expectations. Even though the industry hasn't changed much in recent years, AI in the retail sector can alter the traditional retail exper ...

by Michael Judd

Taking RPA to the Next Level

Robotic process automation (RPA) emulates human actions by interacting with digital systems and software — making it easy to build robots that do things like pull data from a PDF, understand what's on a screen, or complete keystrokes. 

by Jace Grebski

Automating Decision-Making

Automation refers to the use of AI/ML, business rules, multi-step decision-making, orchestration, decision-making robots, and other techniques and technologies, to make decisions and implement planned decision-making processes. Automating operational decisions is key to improving business productivity, improving accura ...

by Jace Grebski

Increase profits 4X by improving your employee experience

A 2017 study reported by Jacob Morgan in the Harvard Business Review, in many ways, was a harbinger of the changes needed in today’s workplace. The need for which is highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic shifts that resulted in worker isolation, distributed workforces, and wholesale updates to business processes.

by Michael Judd