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The Very Technical Product Manager Program

For the past 7 years, Originators have connected with some of the best undergraduate and graduate computer science students in the world. We have traditionally hired new grads who primarily love the craft of software engineering. But we’ve also learned that many exceptional CS students want to have a deeper influence on the product they build, in addition to the way the software is created. We have been thinking hard about how to solve this problem and are happy to announce the roll out of our solution.

The Very Technical Product Manager Program

Originate attracts and hires top level engineers. This has been true since our founding in 2007 and we will continue to hold candidates to the same high standards we maintain.

But what about an engineering candidate who wants to have more influence on product that they will create? Is it possible to give talented individuals with diverse interests the support they need to gain real-world experience in more than one discipline?

We think it is.

Originate is debuting The Very Technical Product Manager Program. Every spring we will select a group of college graduates who will join full-time for their first year and go through three four-month rotations: Engineering, Project Delivery, Product Management.

At the end of their final rotation, each participant will work with their mentors from Originate to determine if any of the positions are an appropriate fit based on interest and performance. If a participant is a good fit for one of the three positions, they dive into their discipline as a full-time employee. If, for whatever reason, there is not a great match, then Originate will help the candidate find a rewarding job at one of our partner startups.

Although there will be a considerable amount of learning and developing throughout the year-long program, this is not a class or an internship. Those selected for the program will be evaluated based on the same high bar as all Originate engineers, product managers, and delivery managers.

What Originate expects from candidates that join the program:

  1. VTPM candidates will be able to pass our very stringent engineering standard.

  2. VTPM candidates will be vetted on product interest. We expect prior demonstration of effort (launched an app, managed a site, etc).

  3. VTPM candidates demonstrate enthusiasm for agile development and learning the best practices of scrum.

What Originate commits to the participants of the program:

  1. VTPM participants will be mentored by outstanding senior members of our Engineering, Product, and Delivery teams.

  2. VTPM participants will develop a diverse skill set and gain real-world project experience on seriously ambitious projects.

  3. VTPM participants will end the year with an understanding of each discipline, and an incredible ability to build startup-style software (whether it’s for a startup or on an innovative project with a larger company).

As Originate continues our rapid growth, we need to seek out those with diverse skill sets who are excited to develop alongside our ever-growing number of projects and opportunities. We look forward to getting this program off the ground and seeing the talent it develops.

To apply, email us two paragraphs at telling us why you are a great fit for the VTPM program at Originate. (Lesson #1: Product Managers must know how to say more with less, so please limit to two paragraphs.)

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