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The Human Face of Big Data: Analyzing the Data Trail

Human beings are leaving a gigantic trail of big data. From every text message to every email and current GPS location, the average person today leaves a trail of data larger in a single day than a person of the 1500’s did in their entire lifetime. The project, the Human Face of Big Data, gives a snapshot of the world’s transformation through data in real time. Originate was excited to take on the challenge to “Measure the Planet for a Day” by focusing on ways to collect, analyze, triangulate and visualize data in real time. Originate provided all the engineering for the project, creating the data store, the mobile app for both Android and iOS and the Mission Control Web Application. Originate loves a good challenge and is excited to be a part of a project to illustrate the impact of Big Data as well as illustrate how the world will live in the future.

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