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LSI acquires ONStor

Today OnStor announced that it was acquired by LSI Corporation for $25 million. The investment was a well thought out addition to LSI’s portfolio and a way to invoke a “here to stay” corporate posture. This move gave LSI, a San Jose, CA based storage and networking electronics company, NAS and unified storage offerings, an area in which LSI was not previously involved, as well as Fiber Channel Storage Area Networks (SANs). This tactic was an aggressive move for the original equipment manager (OEM) as it now has access to its own NAS capabilities. The addition will likely overpower other OEM competitors like IBM which rely on outside support for NAS. The acquisition provided opportunities for new growth and appeared to bring only potential upside. Originate invested in and partnered with OnStor in 2008 to help accelerate the development of the Network Attached Storage (NAS) file service.

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