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Nielsen acquires GlanceGuide

Nielsen Company today announced that it has acquired the video analytics and technology company, GlanceGuide, whose measurements provided insights on consumer interaction with videos watched online. The New York City based company is a global leader in information and measurement allowing companies to understand what consumers watch and buy on a local and global basis. Over the previous six months, Nielsen tried to improve its video measurement capabilities and determined the investment into this leading technology was more practical versus further in-house development. Nielsen called this purchase  “a natural and exciting extension of Nielsen’s current offerings to the advertisement company.” Nielsen plans to fully integrate GlanceGuide’s capabilities into their own online video measurement tools to deliver more daily insight to media publishers, agencies and advertisers. Originate invested in and partnered with GlanceGuide during 2008, which called for cutting-edge flash and javascript development. Originate is happy to see the technology in the hands of such a great acquirer and is optimistic about the future of the business.

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