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Hyperlax: Earning Respect One Bug At A Time

For the past 8 years, we have worked extremely hard to build and grow an amazing and diverse team of strategists, product managers, designers, engineers. We take a great amount of pride in the team that we have built.

Taylor Crane (@taykcrane) is a product manager based in our New York Office. He’s amazing at his job - great product intuition, always on top of things, always attuned to risks and how to minimize them, and obsessive about making sure the engineering teams he works with remain unblocked and highly efficient.

Despite all of that, he decided he wanted to learn how to better relate and communicate with the engineers on his team. His solution? Learn to speak their language. So, by leveraging our 20% Time program, he did just that. In January, he set out to teach himself to code. He picked front-end as a good place to start and started learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript. By April, he started building what became Hyperlax, a real-time feed of Instagram's latest #hyperlapse videos. After several months of learning and hard work, Hyperlax is live. To be fair, he did have one key advantage - nearly 100 amazing software engineers to lean on with questions and to help troubleshoot bugs as well as an amazing design team to help him polish the UI! But, it takes personal grit and perseverance to launch any product, so kudos to Taylor.

This is such an embodiment of Originate and why I love working here. Everyone is ambitious, everyone has a beginners mind, and everyone wants to help each other.

Check out what Gizmodo has to say about the project, upvote it on ProductHunt, or just go check it out directly at

Sit back, relax, explore faraway places, and enjoy the music!

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