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Intelligent Automation: Private Equity’s Key to Hidden Alpha

The money is in the data. PE firms have long known this to be true. Over the next 15 years, as we continue to speed forward with exponential increases in data generation and collection, PE firms and portfolio companies committed to digital transformation stand to gain unprecedented levels of market value. Investment st ...

by Michael Judd

There Are No Secrets to Great Customer Experience

If there is one thing for any business that has assumed the greatest importance in the last few years, it’s Customer Experience (CX). Whether you’re B2C or B2B, customers have come to expect high levels of personalization, and responsiveness and they want those in every interaction with your company. 

by Michael Judd

Experience Automation and the Future of Retail

There has been so much disruption in the retail space in the last five years, that it’s hard to see it as the same industry. The pandemic sped up the pace of change as practically everything we needed day-to-day shifted to online purchasing. For many retail locations, the drop in foot traffic during the pandemic still ...

by Michael Judd

AI Delivers Super Powers to Medical Professionals

In the not too distant future, your standard doctor’s visits will feature a healthy dose of automation with artificial intelligence (AI). For many in the industry, the power of AI represents a significant opportunity and means of addressing the high cost of healthcare, improving satisfaction as patients increasingly fo ...

by Michael Judd

An AI Plan Is The Best Insurance For Insurers

There is probably no larger industry ripe for the disruption brought on by Artificial Intelligence (AI), than the insurance industry. The need to drive efficiencies through automated operations, smarter pricing, and more effective claims management has accelerated due to the introduction of digital natives who are also ...

by Michael Judd

Why Real Estate Must Focus on Experience Automation Now!

In less than 10 years, Zillow, Houzz, Redfin, and Trulia have become household names. These online services have changed the way buyers have found and improved homes and businesses. Thanks to these “self-service” tools, buyers have all the information they could want to make informed purchase decisions without ever ste ...

by Michael Judd

Stop and think. Before your business is dead.

How often do you think about what would make your business fail in less than 5 years? As every good business leader knows, thinking through the factors that would lead to failure is as important as thinking through those of success.

by Michael Judd

Why you should open-source parts of your technology stack

Developing software infrastructure that doesn't add business differentiation as open-source is faster, more cost-efficient, and leads to better results than keeping it proprietary. It also allows more focus on business-critical software.The physical world that we live in defines our paradigms, how we think about busine ...

by Kevin Goslar