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Scala Skeleton Project

Skeleton project based on


The scalastyle and test:scalastyle sbt tasks are used to check source and test code with Scalastyle. The error list is saved to Checkstyle-compatible files target/scalastyle-result.xml and target/scalastyle-test-result.xml respectively.

Scalastyle runs automatically against source and test code with the sbt test task.

It is not recommended to make the compile task dependent on Scalastyle. Since Scalastyle runs first and fails if the code does not compile, one would not get the Scala compiler error messages.


To execute tests with code coverage enabled run the following sbt tasks in order: clean coverage test coverageReport. Coverage reports are saved to target/scala-2.11/scoverage-report/.


To format source and test code run the scalariformFormat and test:scalariformFormat sbt tasks.

Scalariform is provided as a convenience and starting point; it is not sufficient to be fully compliant with Originate's Scala Style Guide.

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