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Originate's Scala Guide

  1. Scala Style Guide - The official Scala community style guide
  2. Effective Scala - Scala style guide and best practices from Twitter
  3. Scala School - A series of lectures to prepare experienced engineers to be productive Scala programmers
  4. Scalariform - Scalariform is a code formatter for Scala
  5. Scalastyle - Scala style checker
  6. WartRemover - Flexible Scala code linting tool
  7. Linter - Linter is a Scala static analysis compiler plugin
  8. Scapegoat - Scala static code analyzer
  9. abide - A simple framework for lint-like rule creation and verification
  10. obey - Linter tool for Scala
  11. cpd4sbt - Static code analysis via PMD/CPD from within SBT
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