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This guide is the starting point for Originate engineers, product managers, and testers. It gives an overview of our tech stack and best practices around engineering related topics.

Engineering Process Practices

Technology Stack Guides


  • Android and iOS for fully native experiences with top performance
  • React Native for cost-effective hybrid cross-platform solutions that aren't performance sensitive


  • Golang for Ops and CLI tools, as well as network services and APIs
  • Node.JS using established languages like CoffeeScript, ES6, or TypeScript for small IO-heavy services with little compute requirements and when using only one language for both frontend and backend has advantages.
  • Scala for big code bases, complex business logic, large-scale data processing, or anything on top of the JVM/Apache ecosystem


  • React for rich web UIs
  • WebPack for compiling front-end assets


  • Ansible for configuration management
  • Docker for packaging software into containers
  • Packer for creating machine and container images
  • Terraform for infrastructure-as-code


  • Haskell
  • LiveScript for internal projects based on Node.JS
  • Python for machine learning
  • Ruby on Rails for rapid prototyping and small to mid-sized monolithic projects without much traffic

Software Practices

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