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  • brew install go


Download binary release then follow instructions:

Configuration for macOS and Linux

  • create your Go workspace directory, for example ~/go
  • if your Go workspace is not in ~/go, set the environment variables GOPATH to the Go workspace path

    • ~/go is the default since Go 1.8, so if you use that path, you don't have to set it
  • the environment variable GOROOT seems not necessary when installing via HomeBrew

A possible solution to the problem of the Go workspace cluttering up with dependencies is to have two Go workspaces: one for code you are working on, and another one for dependencies.

If you pick ~/go-external for the latter, your GOPATH should look like $HOME/go-external:$HOME/go.

In this case, go get fetches into the first workspace. To work on code, manually clone it into the second workspace. Go uses both workspaces simultaneously. A downside is that certain tools might not work fully in this setup. More info here


Official Installer guide

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