An AI-Native Future

By robmeadows


We find ourselves at a fascinating point in time where the world is changing faster than history has ever seen, and this change is primarily being driven by Originate’s world -- technology. Our journey over the last decade has been been an exciting ride where we’ve taken many risks, but I’ve never felt so convinced of something as what I’m about to share. Everything we have learned in the past decade has served a critical purpose.

The billion dollar past

The last 20 years have seen the internet, mobile, cloud, and big data technologies empower a new class of billion dollar companies that have literally reinvented several industries. Nearly every industry is now dependent on modern software in some way -- becoming more so every year. Designing, building, and operating cloud-native and mobile-native software has come to require great talent, an innovative culture, and the right approach. Most companies have struggled to gain access to the necessary talent or experience to create great modern software on their own. Because Originate believed that everyone deserved great software, we pioneered a venture product model to address this problem nearly a decade ago. Since then we have built 100’s of high-quality cloud-native and mobile-native products in partnership with some of the most interesting companies in the world. 

The trillion dollar future

As we look to the future, it is clear that something very exciting lies beyond cloud-native and mobile-native, and that is AI-native (as coined in this Medium post by Lars Buttler, Executive Advisor to Originate). Companies like Google, IBM, Facebook, and Amazon have started making their AI technologies and platforms available to developers, much like mobile and cloud platforms became available over the last 10 years. While many AI technologies are still in their infancy, several are starting to emerge as practical for real world applications. Self-driving cars, health diagnostic tools, and intelligent recommenders are all realities today, and this is just the beginning.

We believe that the next 20 years will be defined by applying the current and next generation AI technologies to real industry problems. This next generation of AI-native products will enable advancement and change within every industry many times faster than over the previous 20 years, and will redefine nearly every industry. Whereas cloud-native and mobile-native software fueled the emergence of many billion dollar companies over the last 20 years, we believe AI-native software will give way to many trillion dollar companies over the next 20 years.  

The priceless talent

Ultimately, designing and building AI-native software will even further increase the demand for top talent and software experience. Testing and running AI-native software will require a completely different skillset and approach than current cloud-native or mobile-native solutions. Operating current mobile and cloud (deterministic) software requires basic hosting, monitoring, and managed services, much of which is automated today. Operating AI-native (non-deterministic) software is significantly more complex, as it requires continuous, creative testing, AI-training, monitoring, and adaptive evolution to remain useful. How do you “prove” that your software is working correctly when both behavior and context change every instant?

We believe that most companies will have no choice but to partner with AI-native software firms to build, run, and evolve AI-native software, and in fact, by partnering with the best firms, will be able to create custom solutions faster, cheaper, and better than they could on their own.

The future of Originate

Originate will define and drive mass market adoption of AI-native software, not by building all of it ourselves, but by building and operating a platform upon which the world’s leading AI technologies can be applied to create custom industry solutions. We will be what the cloud was to web technologies, and in so doing we will bring all the value and impact of AI to the broader audience, exponentially increasing its impact and ability to do good.

We will focus on providing significant long-tail value in operating and evolving products after the initial design and build phases. We are releasing open source technologies that will allow developers to build AI-native products that are prepared for this evolution. Our open source micro-services framework is optimal for building and operating AI-native software, much like Cloud Foundry was for cloud-native software. Our Experience Management System, XMS, enables the intelligent evolution of user experiences and designs. We do not believe in a single right user experience, but rather one right user experience for each user, at each moment.

The future of you

Whether you are an industry giant or an emerging startup, now is the time to embrace AI-native and begin defining your future. The next generation of trillion dollar products and services will emerge even faster than the last generation of billion dollar ones, and we want to be the software partner that empowers you to achieve that potential!