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Stop and think. Before your business is dead.

How often do you think about what would make your business fail in less than 5 years? As every good business leader knows, thinking through the factors that would lead to failure is as important as thinking through those of success.

by Michael Judd

Why you should open-source parts of your technology stack

Developing software infrastructure that doesn't add business differentiation as open-source is faster, more cost-efficient, and leads to better results than keeping it proprietary. It also allows more focus on business-critical software.The physical world that we live in defines our paradigms, how we think about bus ...

by Kevin Goslar

Monorepos make inner-source come to life

Part 1 of this blog series made large organizations agile and efficient by developing business capabilities through empowered, vertically integrated teams and tech stacks of manageable size. Part 2 uses inner-source to boost collaboration and the collective IQ of the organization. In part 3 here, we use a mono-repos ...

by Kevin Goslar

Supercharge your company’s internal collaboration with inner-source

In part 1 of this blog series, we made large organizations agile and efficient by developing business capabilities through vertically integrated teams and tech stacks of manageable size. Doing so reduces dependency gridlock, meeting time, and increases the agility and efficiency of the business. A challenge with thi ...

by Kevin Goslar

Build micro-organizations, not just micro-services

TLDR: Often overlooked in discussions of micro-services are their positive effects on the human organization. Following Conway's Law, micro-services are a modular, vertically integrated technical architecture matching a loosely coupled, vertically integrated human organization structure. Both together enable efficie ...

by Kevin Goslar

Introducing VibeCheq

A few months ago, COVID-19 forced us all to start working remotely. For some of us at Originate, this was already the norm. About a quarter of our team is remote full-time, but for a large part of the company, this was a significant shift in our day-to-day lives. We are comfortable holding meetings via Zoom with office...

by Yash Shah

How to Choose a Headless CMS

One of our recent projects called for a feature to allow editors to manage and publish content. In other words, we needed to choose a headless CMS. We already had a React-based web app, and a React Native mobile app in the works where we wanted to present that content. So we needed to choose a Headless CMS. Unlike Word...

by Jesse Hallett

Real Estate Trends — Technology State of the Market in 2020

The real estate market is full of legacy systems, untapped data, and outdated processes from every angle. Whether it’s commercial, residential, B2B or B2C, all up and down the supply chain there are innovators tackling ReTech problems. The market is prime for technology acceptance and usage. In this article, we’ll exam...

by Ryan Sandberg

Put the Second Arrow Down: Making the Best of Uncertainty

This is not another article about working remotely, productivity hacks for a frazzled mind, or using technology to stop a pandemic. We are a tech company, but we are made up of human beings, locked in our homes with our canned beans and toilet paper, our unsettled families and happy pets. We are scared and isolated. We...

by Yana Barysheva

State of Business in the Post COVID World. Prepare for a Wave of Innovation.

As the world shifts towards working from home and our governments mount responses to the SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we may feel that our fundamental way of life is being uprooted. Now more than ever, we must be malleable and adjust to what people are calling this new reality. Still, it’s inherently essential al...

by Jace Grebski