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We help organizations make a smooth transition to highly effective remote teams at speed. 

Originate has extensive experience building remote teams because we’ve been working remotely in-house for over a decade – it’s part of our DNA – it’s how we operate.

We have the consulting know-how to bring this experience to organizations because we’re a consulting company. We know which tools are useful and which aren’t. We know how to run complete software product development work remotely – because it’s how we operate.

Transform your team to be fully remote.

Remote Advisory

We work with company leadership to define a distributed work strategy and implementation plan. Including tooling, processes, best practices, changes to roles and responsibilities, and how to anticipate issues before they become problems. 

Remote Coaching

A hands-on role in which we guide your teams on how to work effectively and efficiently when remote. We introduce collaboration platforms your organization is missing and move information to them holistically, make it work, and make it work for your people.

Remote Pods

Integrating a remote agile product team into your project, and having them pair with their in house counterparts will help you maintain velocity while your team members learn from our people how to go fully remote.

Remote Project Delivery for National Geographic


Remote Project Delivery for National Geographic

We brought an immersive brand experience to the National Geographic community on mobile, creating a content hub for articles, photo galleries, video-on-demand, content and live TV for both iOS and Android while doing this remotely.

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