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Enabling disruption in the real estate industry to maximize performance.

The real estate industry is full of legacy systems, untapped data, and outdated processes. Whether it’s commercial, residential, B2B or B2C, there are opportunities up and down the supply chain to increase revenue while offering more affordable products. Customers are demanding simpler and easier ways to buy, sell, and interact with companies and agents. We have partnered with many real estate firms to actualize their potential and stay competitive in the market.

Blockchain technologies for smart contracts, AI & machine learning, among others, have made their way into the commercial and residential real estate markets. Companies are adopting these technologies to offer better solutions for their customers and create new streams of revenue. These new opportunities are changing the way workflow, auditing, and decisions are being made.

Commercial Real Estate

Successful brokerages are advancing their use of data and optimizing their workflow. We can help you increase your production rate and help you use data in a new way.

Residential Real Estate

The relationship between ReTech and FinTech has enabled the residential market to provide new offerings to customers, helping with transactions, and essentially eliminating the cost of agents. At Originate, we can help your company leverage technology to provide more price sensitive transactions for your customers.

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