Our Work

We create value through bold strategy, world class engineering, and the principles of good design.


National Geographic

When NatGeo decided to package up their immersive storytelling, award-winning photography, and captivating videos into a unified mobile experience they came to Originate for help.

With expected users reaching millions, the biggest risk was figuring out how to reliably deliver their diverse and data-intensive media offerings at scale.

Our team’s expertise in backend infrastructure allowed us to build a platform able to handle the expected traffic, and native iOS & Android apps to be used as easy-to-navigate hubs for their rich content.



Originate partnered with their c-suite to de-risk the new initiative and build like a startup to get to market quickly — we delivered in six weeks.


Package Delivery and Logistics Leader

A global package delivery and logistics company came to us to build their first digital product – a turnkey B2B fulfillment platform to work as an integrated solution for storage, packing, and shipping services.  We developed an MVP with scalability to host hundreds of warehouses and thousands of merchants.


McKinsey & Company

As a premier consulting firm, McKinsey knew to look to an experienced, design-thinking digital partner for a concept-to-launch initiative.
With the objective of helping healthcare providers maximize insurance payouts through comprehensive data, Originate prototyped a healthcare analytics platform.
The dashboard gave providers a way to determine their largest sources of lost revenue, and the drill-down data view helped them understand the causes of claim denials.



Prudential was interested in exploring the potential of blockchain technology in the insurance sector. We were able to validate product-market fit and prototype an Ethereum-based P2P unemployment solution.


Management Consulting Firm

A leading management consulting firm came to Originate with the distinct goal of improving the efficiency of their data scientists. Within four weeks we got to a proof-of-concept build with subsequent stakeholder buy-in. Our five month MVP build, brought their data science team a reduction in time to deploy models and a reduction in boiler plate activities ultimately leading to operational efficiency.