Product Acceleration

A product acceleration team can give you the additional support where it matters most, while enabling your team to upskill themselves so they're better prepared for future workloads.

Originate’s on-demand agile product team designs, builds, and scales technology quickly and efficiently to accelerate your time-to-market and time-to-results. We hand-pick our exceptional on-shore, near-shore, and off-shore development teams to work as seamless extensions of your existing teams.

With a battle-tested team, immersed in agile methodologies and powered by transparent project management, our engineering teams are designed to tackle the challenges of speed — helping you keep pace in an accelerating world.

  • Accelerate digital transformation by infusing end-to-end engineering capabilities including lifecycle management, security and compliance, and globalization engineering.
  • Achieve productivity gains through automation. Originate offers experience in AI-enabled and robotic business process automation and digital knowledge management.
  • Deliver value, reliability, and rapid innovation. Originate excels in DevOps enablement and the emerging fields of AIOps and SecOps.

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Our Work



A successful telecommunication company had the desire to develop a new technology to intelligently detect human falling with senior care.



A leading catastrophe risk modeling organization was in danger of being technologically outpaced by its competitors.

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Originate brings an organized, proven process combined with talented individuals that helped our project get off the ground quickly. it’s not all about speed, both upfront and throughout the project Originate spends time with our internal experts learning our business strategy and incorporating our long-term vision into the planning and execution of our project.

Bill Mueller - CEO at FPS Group