Artificial intelligence is driving change and is expected to reinvent every industry over the next 15-20 years. The biggest technology companies are using AI to challenge the world’s largest problems. Mid-market companies are being threatened by resource-rich organizations like Amazon and Google— as well as startups that employ a technology-first strategy.

Our clients come to Originate for complete solutions to their business problems that include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, cloud, and mobile technologies.

Our Origins engine makes modern technologies accessible.


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The Originate Advantage

Our custom development engine is designed to accelerate our client’s time-to-market while increasing product differentiation and competitiveness.

It starts with integration. We connect best-in-class applications to share capabilities. If a solution exists, we integrate— if not, we build it.

We bring all data sources together into a data lake in order to draw business insights. Data is analyzed through our intelligence engine to predict behavior and make data-driven business decisions.

With Originate, you’ll have the ability to build codeless workflows to improve processes and create new ways to interact with customers and employees.

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