Our differentiation is not in what we do — it’s in who we are.

We’re a digital product company that uses business acumen, transformative processes, cutting-edge technologies, and extraordinary engineering talent to ignite innovation and accelerate market value.

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Since 2007, we’ve worked with the world’s best companies, partners, and ventures to build transformative solutions, discover and enter new markets, take digital products from concept to commercialization, and modernize and transform legacy digital technologies and infrastructures.

We think and execute like a startup because we came from startups. We’re disruptors — fanatics of innovation and technology. We’re those trailblazers and game changers who love running head-on into the hardest of challenges, only to develop exceptional solutions. 

With more than 160 years of collective experience and 50 years as startup founders, board members, and advisors, our leadership team’s enterprise experience includes Hewlett-Packard, EDS, Travelers, Deloitte, PriceWaterhouse, Booz Allen, Google, Bear Stearns, and DXC/CSC. Industry experience spans advertising, insurtech, mobile, fintech, data analytics, aerospace & defense, consumer products, real estate, e-commerce, information technology, digital transformation, and venture capital, while technology experience ranges from augmented reality, wireless networking, AR/VR, mobile apps, AI/ML, blockchain, and clean energy.

We believe that the key to developing and deploying highly successful, innovative and accelerated digital solutions lies in experienced leadership coupled with strategic, lean, and highly skilled tactical teams.

Leadership Team

Yash Shah headshot image
Yash Shah
Chief Executive Officer
Ron McNair headshot image
Ron McNair
Chief Financial Officer
Chris Kim headshot image
Chris Kim
Chief Technology Officer

Our Core Values

Together, everyone achieves more.
Approach each opportunity with an open mind.
Thrive on making impossibilities possible.
Stay adaptable and open to change.
Strive for simple solutions.
Make a positive impression and affect change.