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Last month, Forbes published a list ranking the country’s “most entrepreneurial universities” for 2014. The list looks at which universities have the highest entrepreneurial ratios – the number of students and alumni who identify themselves as entrepreneurs compared to the overall student body.

We are proud that over 20 percent of our employees come from schools that made it in to the top ten of Forbes’ list. We have team members from the top five schools – Stanford (#1), MIT (#2), UC Berkeley (#3), Cornell (#4), and UCLA (#5). We also have alumni from Pepperdine (#9) and Dartmouth (#10).

We have worked extremely hard over the years to build an entrepreneurial DNA into our team because the kinds of projects we work on – ambitious, uncertain, and fast-paced – require it.

Our teams work closely with our partners to launch new products and businesses. Our employees are integral to every element of a company’s success, from market research to product design, development, and launch. Each of our team members receive a portion of any upside in our projects, creating total alignment toward success of the company or venture.

Dan Storms, VP of Product at Originate, is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. As a Cornell-trained product and engineering leader at Originate, he not only builds software products for our partners, he also runs the New York City-based Cornell Entrepreneurs (Underground) group.

The group convenes monthly and hosts a guest Cornell entrepreneur to share an end-to-end story of their startup. It’s a way for entrepreneurs to network with each other and share lessons about what works, and what doesn’t, when starting a company from the ground up.

Because entrepreneurialism is an essential skill at Originate, our company has strong recruiting programs at many of the schools that made it into the Forbes list, particularly UCLA and Cornell. We sponsor events and hackathons on campuses, and hire a significant number of interns from these schools to create a pipeline for the future.

“Cornell Tech—the master’s college—started only two years ago in New York but already it has established itself as an important training ground for tech innovators,” noted Storms. “I was on a panel to kick off the semester earlier this month, and there are now 80 students enrolled in the program. Originate is excited to work with the top engineers and product strategists from the program who are looking to push boundaries and help launch some of the most exciting products in the world when they graduate.”

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