Add immediate value to your network as an Originate Ambassador.

Join an elite network of business professionals helping the world’s most interesting companies solve their most pressing challenges. Let’s team up to find fast answers to the new business challenges posed by COVID-19.

Give Back to Your Network

We believe that relationships are the foundation for all personal and professional success. As an Originate Ambassador, you’ll be part of a community of bold,  like-minded business leaders working to make a difference. 


Make an Impact

We have always had a bias for action at Originate, and we gravitate to situations where we can add immediate value. As an Originate Ambassador, you’ll have day one access to the strategy, product and engineering resources the people in your network need to find fast answers to their their biggest questions.  

Get Rewarded

This program is just about building relationships and helping others, it’s also about helping yourself. Through your matchmaking efforts as an Originate Ambassador, you’ll be able to earn handsome referral fees and commissions that exceed market rates. 

We’re a trusted partner in product and engineering to many of the world’s leading brands.

Who is this for?

Originate Ambassadors are self-motivated and experienced business leaders who have achieved some modicum of professional success. They have well-developed networks, strong relationships, and direct access to key decision-makers who have a need to find fast answers to difficult problems that can be solved by digital products, data science, and/or software engineering.

What do we expect of our Ambassadors?

We expect that as an Originate Ambassador, you will help us amplify impact by activating your network to surface new opportunities for commerce and collaboration. We will provide all the training and collateral you need to get conversations started, and once opportunities are qualified and intros are made, our strategy, product and engineering execs will take the reins so that you can focus on finding the next opportunity for us to create value together.

Which industries are we focused on?

Our immediate focus is on helping companies respond to COVID-19 related issues, which suggests that essential industries are an obvious place to begin. That said, there are many non-essential businesses who are also being challenged in ways they haven’t before due to this crisis, and we want to help them too. As far as expertise and experience go, in our 12-year history of delivering game-changing digital products, we’ve enjoyed success working with partners in a variety of verticals. These include financial services, management consulting, real estate, insurance, retail, consumer goods, education,  supply chain & logistics, media & entertainment and more. 

What kind of opportunities are we looking for?

In light of the global pandemic, we want to be part of getting people back to work by helping companies quickly find ways to generate more profit and improve cash flow. In turn, these may be used to secure employees, make new hires and drive overall growth. For this reason, in immediate, we are focused on helping companies deal with COVID-19 related issues. This includes those who need to quickly develop technical solutions to unanticipated problems, as well as those who are being challenged to accelerate or enhance planned or existing digital products because of new COVID-19 related requirements.


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