• Brian Tom

    Director of Product
    I love product management because it allows me to be a professional problem solver. I may not know what the right solution is, but I’ll try to ask the right questions to help us get there.
  • Krista Thomas

    VP of Delivery
    I leverage my software and consulting background to effectively lead teams, turning ideas into reality.
  • Alec Snyder

    Software Engineer
    I'm a systems engineer who loves to try out new technologies. I don't feel comfortable unless I'm trying to tackle a problem way beyond me.
  • Joel Smith

    Senior Software Engineer
    I write software to help people. Is there something I can do to help you?
  • Ian Phipps

    Senior Software Engineer
    I believe the internet is for everyone. As programmers, we are stewards of that cause.
  • Yash Shah

    Senior Director of Product
    Former engineer, now product manager who likes innovating by connecting technology with real-life problems. When I'm not innovating, I'm building something.
  • Michael Judd

    Seasoned executive leader with over 20 years experience enriched by insights as a CEO, COO, general manager, strategist, operator, advisor, and coach. I am a leader/coach that works with senior executives to define and execute against strategic plans.
  • James O’Brien

    Senior Software Engineer
    Like most engineers - I love building things. I also like being in the company of really smart people. My niece is #1 in my family. My puppies and I like sailing, hanging out on the boat, or surfing.
  • Serhat Sahin

    Machine Learning Engineer
    I use AI to develop novel approaches in various domains especially in computer vision. I like to see new places, trekking and reading.
  • Alex Quin

    VP of Engineering
    My role at Originate is to architect, develop and support multiple software product lines. I have over 17 years of software development experience and specializes in the design of highly scalable, mission critical systems for a wide range of applications.
  • Danny Meyer

    Software Engineer
    A musician and computer programmer. Lives in NYC, originally from Colorado.
  • John McLaughlin

    Director of Software
    I love participating in world changing software innovation. I landed at Originate after earning a PhD in Mathematics at NYU and Stanford, getting married, raising twin daughters, supevising digital effects in feature films and multiple career changes.
  • Eric Perez

    I am inspired by great engineers and startups. I love hearing and sharing stories of engineering and startup adventures. What excites me about software engineering is being able to turn ideas and dreams into reality.
  • Sabina Mamedova

    Senior Product Manager
    As a product manager, I love sitting at the intersection of design and technology to work on emerging technologies. As a native New Yorker, I have deep-seated emotional feelings about toasting bagels.
  • Jinna Lee

    Senior Financial Analyst
    I am a Sr. Financial Analyst for Originate and I try to tell stories through my reports to Executive managers. I am driven by curiosity to solve problems and come up with solutions.
  • Christopher Kim

    SVP of Engineering
    I engineer software.
  • Mark Mason

    Executive Vice President
    A transformative leader with a proven record of applying innovative strategies to drive exponential growth and profitability for start-up and Fortune 500 companies. Known for enhancing operating performance by introducing cross-functional process improvements and increasing revenue by pioneering bleeding-edge technologies.
  • Steven Joseph

    Operations Manager
    I’m a data-driven, collaborative problem solver that is always looking for ways to make things more efficient, run smoother and less complicated.
  • Katie Hoffman

    Senior Software Engineer
    Loves test-driven development and test-driven cars. Into self-documenting code and self-deprecating humor.
  • Jesse Hallett

    Senior Software Engineer
    I am a software Engineer in Queens, NY. I love to teach by writing on technical topics, and speaking at meetups.
  • Jacek Grebski

    SVP of Product
    I have had the immense fortune of working with some of today's most well known and respected brands and look forward to bringing my knowledge and expertise to Originate's partners. I'm intellectually curious, and when not working, you'll find me tinkering with or learning about something new.
  • Kevin Goslar

    SVP of Technology Strategy
    I am building and maintaining a culture of excellence, openness, fun, and productivity at Originate, while continuously advancing our engineering practices and processes.
  • Robert Douglas

    Director of Engineering
    I'm a developer and designer with a passion for problem-solving. I enjoy finding creative, elegant solutions across a wide variety of platforms, and working with innovative, cross-functional teams.
  • Yana Barysheva

    Senior UX Designer
    If you've ever struggled to figure out how to use something, you're not stupid, it's just bad UX.
  • Ryan Sandberg

    Director of Product
    As an experienced product management leader, I focus on building exceptional products that can drive business results.
  • Yera Lee

    Junior Designer
    I am a product designer with a background in fashion design. I enjoy designing clean and intuitive solutions to user's problems and needs.

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Thrive on making impossibilities possible. 


Stay adaptable and open to change.


Strive for simple solutions.


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